Shooting has finished on ‘Un hombre de acción’, the new feature film by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Patxi Amezcua

Filming has finished on Un hombre de acción, the film directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera, written by Patxi Amezcua, both members of DAMA, and produced by Netflix. The film is freely inspired by the life of Lucio Urtubia from Navarra. The director of, “the life of this robber, counterfeiter, anarchist and, above all, bricklayer, was a fabulous inspiration to build a fast-paced, fun and exciting film. It is a pleasure to be accompanied by such an extraordinary cast and crew on such an ambitious project”.

The film explores the figure of the so-called anarchist ‘Robin Hood’, who ran a legendary counterfeiting operation in Paris that positioned him in the crosshairs of America’s largest bank, when he managed to raise a huge amount of money by forging travelers’ cheques to invest in causes he believed in.

This feature-length film spans several decades, following Lucio as part of the European anarchist movement, from his humble beginnings as a bricklayer-turned-bank robber, to his rise to the helm of one of the most important economic scams of the last century. However, Lucio will have to choose between the anarchist cause and protecting his own.