Now on sale ‘La reescritura infinita’, the fourth book in the Imprenta Dinámica collection, published by DAMA and ECAM, with the collaboration of Caimán Cuadernos de Cine

The new book in the collection, ‘La reescritura infinita’, by Enric Albero, which is available in bookshops, brings together ten of the author’s conversations with Spanish telefiction scriptwriters.

DAMA and the Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid (ECAM), together with Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, present La reescritura infinita, the fourth book in the Imprenta Dinámica collection. This volume is a gathering of interviews with some of the leading screenwriters of serialised fiction in Spain: Javier Olivares, Isabel Peña, Natxo López, Olatz Arroyo, Coral Cruz, Susana López Rubio, Verónica Fernández, Diego San José, Rafael Cobos and Joaquim Oristrell.

These conversations form a brief treatise on the writing serialised fiction, with a reflective approach to the craft of storytelling, with each interview having very different backgrounds and positions. The state of serial narrative in contemporary national fiction, the similarities and dissonances between the languages of television and film, and the effects that the change in the relationship with the spectator brought about by the rise of the platforms may have had on serial narrative are some of the subjects on which the author and the scriptwriters interviewed reflect in the book.

“The book aims to gauge the impact of serialised fiction on present-day audiovisual writing through ten interviews with ten leading Spanish scriptwriters, selected on the basis of plurality, versatility and professional solvency backed by their careers. The aim is to address practices such as the design of characters, the creation of structures or the elaboration of dialogues, in order to point out the specificities of teleserial language, enquire into the contamination between media and formats, question the revitalisation of certain genres or examine the relocation of the scriptwriter within the creative processes, reflecting on the evolution of the profession in recent decades and the introduction of the figure of the showrunner”, declares the author, Enric Albero.

About Imprenta Dinámica

The Imprenta Dinámica collection (Ramón Gómez de la Serna’s definition of cinema), published by DAMA and ECAM in collaboration with Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, is a line of publications conceived to make available to readers a series of books that offer, at the same time, useful knowledge for the performance of the film profession and a theoretical and informative reflection able to interest a wide spectrum of film fans and contemporary audiovisual culture.

This collection is based on the idea that professional knowledge is inseparable from reflective thinking about the tools of the trade and that knowledge of the trade must be backed up by a solid historical and theoretical training that underpins each of the practical choices required by creative work. Guided by this conviction, the collection will include books with an important pedagogical dimension and with the aim of extending its scope of action to all those interested in reflect on the art of moving images.

The collection has published international publications by filmmakers such as Françoise Etchegaray (Cuentos de los mil y un Rohmer), Enrique Urbizu and Carlos Gómez (La caja de madera) and Walter Murch (the reedition of En el momento del parpadeoIn the Blink of an Eye-).