DAMA members will have a 300 square metre space in Barcelona

DAMA’s General Assembly approves the 2023 budgets, with a 19.31% increase in the distribution of funds.

DAMA begins in 2023 with more than 2,400 members.

DAMA, the audiovisual rights management organisation, held a General Assembly on Wednesday 28 December, at which it approved its budget for 2023, with an increase in distribution of 19.31%.

The approved budget estimates that, by the end of 2022, the entity’s revenue will amount to 31.8 million euros, 16.94% higher than the amount budgeted twelve months earlier.

By 2023, turnover is expected to grow by 7.44%, mostly due to the increase in the national repertoire represented by DAMA.

In the coming months, DAMA will open a second branch in Barcelona, located in the heart of the city, next to Plaza de la Universidad (Plaça de la Universitat). The space will have 300 square metres.

The Board of Directors of DAMA, has also approved the expansion of DAMA’s headquarters in Madrid, located in the district of La Latina, with more work-rooms for members. In other words, a space at their disposal to hold meetings with other colleagues, present projects to other industry partners or organise a pitch with production companies together with others.

Internationally, the entity has become a member of the Board of CISAC, the world’s leading network of authors’ societies, made up of the CEOs of 20 societies representing all regions of the world.

Not only does DAMA continue to grow and will start 2023 with more than 2,400 members, but on the management side, the budget maintains its competitive 10% administration discount and 5% for rights obtained abroad.

In addition to its essential work of rights management and distribution, the organisation offers audiovisual creators a long list of projects, activities and calls for proposals such as: DAMA Ayuda, DAMA Ayuda Docus, DAMA Ayuda Series, DAMA Cortos and Los Martes de DAMA are some of them.

Moreover, this year the organisation has announced the first edition of the DAMA Lola Salvador Screenplay Award (Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador), endowed with €30.000, the highest national screenplay award, which was presented at the San Sebastian Festival. As well as the Second Version Laboratory (Laboratorio Segunda Versión), the first national laboratory of audiovisual creation, aimed at creators over the age of 50, with the support of the ICAA.

DAMA has also carried out the first study on the socio-economic situation of directors of audiovisual works in Spain called: ‘Directing audiovisual works in Spain’; and has opened the second edition of the Cambio de Plano contest, in collaboration with Netflix, which promotes the diversity of stories in the Spanish audiovisual sector.

At this point, the Assembly approved the budgets for the promotional and assistance funds. Through the Social Aid Programme, where DAMA authors can apply for aid for birth or adoption, for large families and for the purchase, repair or renewal of work tools, among others. For its part, the Proyecta Programme, introduced in recent months, will continue to offer aid for the promotion or training of members.