“Collective management, a safety net for authors and performers”

Collective management entities are an insurance for authors, but need more support in the current crisis. As SAA Executive Director Cécile Despringre states, long-term sustainable solutions are needed to support the cultural and creative sectors and audiovisual authors, who will suffer the economic effects of the crisis in the coming years.

“Collective management – A safety net for authors and performers”,is the title of the event to be held by the Society of Audiovisual Authors and AEPO-ARTIS on March 17. In addition, the SAA has carried out a survey among its members, which demonstrates the efforts and mobilizations made by the management entities in defense of their audiovisual authors during the pandemic.

In 2020, the economy of the cultural and creative sector lost a third of its activity. Collective management entities reacted by reducing fees, accelerating the distribution of rights, etc. Surveys conducted by SAA in May of that year and another at the end of 2020 show that these organizations continued their efforts and mobilizations to support authors throughout the pandemic.

Collective management has proven itself a resilient and indispensable model for culture and for creators, however, they need more support to overcome the current crisis. With the resumption of productions and the closure of movie theaters, audiovisual production and distribution is facing a slowdown in filming and increased financial and legal risks.

The increase in subscribers to online platforms in Europe does not offset losses from theatrical distribution and exhibition. In addition, the remuneration structure for audiovisual authors is often outdated and does not include royalties for the exploitation of their works on on-demand platforms in other countries.

The loss of income of the cultural and creative sectors due to COVID-19 exceeds the emergency support measures in place. Therefore, it’s urgent that governments support the audiovisual sector and its creator, as well as that they guarantee the collection of royalties for the exploitation of works on video-on-demand platforms.

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