Alejandro Andrade has won the 1st edition of the Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador for ‘La dote’ and will receive the €30,000 awarded by the prize

Rosa Cabrera and Raúl Mancilla have been finalists with the script for ‘Las recoveras’ and have been awarded a runner-up prize of €10,000.

The screenwriter Lola Salvador, after whom the award is named, will present the prize at the San Sebastian Festival on Monday 19 September at a ceremony to be attended by the president of DAMA, Virginia Yagüe.

The Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador (DAMA Lola Salvador Screenplay Award), the scriptwriting prize with the highest prize money in Spain, organised by the audiovisual rights management organisation DAMA, already has winners. The first prize of €30,000 was awarded to La dote, a project by Alejandro Andrade. In second place, Rosa Cabrera and Raúl Mancilla will receive a runner-up prize of €10,000 for the script of Las Recoveras.

La dote focuses on the search for individual freedom, beyond what the community or social mandate demands. According to the author, the story is a way of making visible the terrible reality that thousands of indigenous girls and women live, even today, in Mexico within a system where marriage is allowed as an economic transaction.

The jury, made up of screenwriter and director Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, screenwriter and writer Alejandro Hernández, and screenwriter Marina Parés, highlighted the fact that La dote is a fresh and accessible film that “reflects a social reality through emotion and characters”.

For its part, Las recoveras, the finalist script, is a story about dignity and what happens when this comes into conflict with survival itself. A story about women who were an example of resistance, courage and ingenuity, who pulled their children out of misery and who have earned their place in the history of our country. A work that, in the words of the jury, “recovers the spirit of Italian neorealism to talk about our post-war period”.

The 1st Edition of the Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador received more than 400 original entries. A reading committee made up of Oriol Puig, Salima Jirari, Teresa Fernández Cuesta, José Esteban Alenda and Catalina Murillo made an initial selection on which the jury made its final decision.

The award’s editorial committee is made up of screenwriter and director Ángeles González-Sinde, and the screenwriters and executive producers Carlos López and Olatz Arroyo.

The filmmaker after whom the award is named, Lola Salvador, considered to be a teacher of several generations and a pioneer in the representation of women in the profession and in the defence of the rights of creators, will present the awards at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. The event will take place on Monday 19 September at the Kursaal Centre Press Club at 17:00h, and will be attended by the president of DAMA, Virginia Yagüe.

DAMA is once again collaborating with the San Sebastian festival in support of Spanish cinema, and will be sponsoring various activities in the Thought and Debate area. A programme consisting of talks, master classes, round tables and working sessions will address issues such as the defence of gender equality and diversity, environmental and labour sustainability in the industry and the impact of new technologies.